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Brick made by Catherall & Co. Ltd. Buckley"

Trap Brickworks, Buckley

3 September 2002

Catherall's Trap Works


Dennis Griffiths started work in this brickworks and later became manager of Hancock's Lane End Brickworks.


Frank Lewis, Joey Jones, Tommy Jones, Harry Hobson went to work there as 13 or 14 year olds. Harry Hobson, who was older, drove the horses and the trucks from the Trap, through the fields to the Buckley Brick and Tile siding. The trucks had hooks on each corner and on the railway trucks there were lines and the small trucks would be pulled alongside the railway trucks. When they were loaded, there were two tubes with hinges in the centre which prevented the trucks from falling over on their way to Connah's Quay docks. At the docks, the crane with four legs would pick up the trucks and place them on the ships.

Author: Kendrick, Raymond


Year = 2002

Month = September

Day = 3

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 2000s

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