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Buckley and District Welcome Home Fund Certificate for Bill Fisher. "

August 1945

The Buckley and District Welcome Home Fund


To the men and women of H.M. Forces and the Merchant Navy. On behalf of the people of Buckley and District we salute W. Fisher welcome you home and express our pride in the services you so nobly rendered in the World War 1939-45.


Our heartfelt gratitude is beyond words. With you we rejoice in the Victory won and pray for lasting Peace on Earth.


May God's blessing rest upon you and yours.



H Stanley Chairman

L Stopford Secretary

G F Hewitt Treasurer


This certificate was also awarded to Joseph Hughes Bartley, aged 92 (1899 - 1991).

And William Evans, 4.7.1910 - 1982


Author: Buckley Urban District Council


Year = 1945

Month = August

Document = Certificate

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Military

Extra = Military

Extra = WW2

Extra = 1940s

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