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Coronation Festivities Souvenir Programme p.26 and 27"

June 1953

The whole of the CORONATION FESTIVITIES SOUVENIR PROGRAMME has been added - see 21.3 - 21.40


Pages 26 and 27


Programme of Events during Coronation Week


Monday, 1st June.


Distribution of Beakers and Testaments

to Primary School Children at the Schools.


Coronation Day, 2nd June.


11-00 a.m.Television Show

and refreshments for Old Age Pensioners in the Albert Hall (kindly provided by Councillor Wilcock).


4-00 p.m.Parade and Pageant

leaves Playing Fields following same route as Jubilee and returning to Hawkesbury.


6-30 p.m.Children's Sports

on Hawkesbury Playing Fields (for details of events see pages 39, 43, 47, 51 and 55).


9-30 p.m.Bonfire and Firework Display

on Knowl Hill



Wednesday, 3rd June.


3-30 p.m.Children's Teas and Presentation of Souvenir Beakers

to Secondary School Children.


7-00 p.m.Concert for Old Age Pensioners

in the Congregational Sunday School.



Thursday, 4th June.


7-00 p.m.An Attractive Variety Concert

on Hawkesbury Field, including "The Singing Airmen" from Sealand U.S.A.A.F. Station (by kind permission of the U.S.A. Air Force); Buckley St. Matthews Campanologists; Drury and District Male Voice Choir; Mrs. Peggy Griffith's Dancing Troupe.


-- All Seats Free -


Friday, 5th June.


7-00 p.m.Mammoth Boxing Contests

on Hawkesbury Field (Marquee if wet). Heavy, Middle and Light Weight Bouts, by the Royal Pioneer Corps, Wrexham (by kind permission of Col. Maw), preceded by a Spectacular Gymnastic Display.


-- All Seats Free --



Saturday, 6th June.


Open-air Street Dancing

Modern and Olde-Tyme. 8-Midnight. Hawkesbury Road adjoining playing fields.


Monday, 8th June.


Distribution of Beakers to Children under School Age at the Council Offices.


Wednesday, 10th June.


Old Age Pensioners' Outing to Southport, leaving pick-up points at 12-30.




The beakers to be presented to the children have been kindly provided by the Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company.


Author: Buckley Urban District Council


Year = 1953

Month = June

Event = Historic

Extra = 1950s

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