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Coronation Festivities Souvenir Programme - photo of the garden opposite p.8"

Coronation Garden, Chester Road, Buckley

June 1953

John Jonathan

October 2008




In the 1970s I was working for the council in the road gangs headed by Bill Iball when it was decided to revamp the Coronation Gardens. In the past, annuals had been planted which were labour intensive and soon looked untidy. When these bedding plants were mentioned again, I suggested roses. They would be longer lasting and I would be able to look after them relatively easily, as I knew a lot about them. I had taken cuttings with permission from the wild roses round Buckley and had produced a wonderful garden at my house full of stunning roses.


We planted as follows:

The left-hand bed near the road - Masquerade (three different coloured flowers), 36 bushes

The right hand bed near the road - All red

Left and above the lawn - Old Gold

I can't remember what went into the round beds.

There was a brick shed for our tools.

In contrast to the original model, there were trees on the left-hand edge and none along the top.

I used to prune the roses and mow the lawn and generally look after the place.



Author: Jonathan, John


Year = 1953

Month = June

Event = Historic

Landscape = National Park

Work = Construction

Extra = Architecture

Extra = 1950s

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