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June 1953

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As Chairman of the Urban District Council of Buckley, I am asked to write a foreword to the programme of events for our local celebrations of the Coronation of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June 1953.


In London, epecially, and in other great cities and towns, the People's joy will find expression in the glorious splendour and panoply which only a coronation can rightly provoke and sustain. In smaller towns and villages out in the country, in ways necessarily more modest than those of London Town, celebrations will likewise be arranged. But whether it be that of an exalted Minister of State or of a humble shepherd on the hills of Wales, the love of young and old alike for our gracious sovereign and for all she represents in the life of her People will flow in the same stream on this happy day.


So it is that we in Buckley, only a small town in a small county in Wales, will rejoice with the greatest in the land. So it is that in lesser ways with lesser means, those who have volunteered to assist in preparing the events of this programme, with others who have by gifts of money and in kind provided the means to spend, now invite every man, women and child to share in this historic event, and so far as they are able to do it, all to congregate in the places where the celebrations are staged.


In a world of change and unrest, we have these last few weeks and months sensed a gleam of hope for a better, more peaceful future. That it shall be so is our constant prayer and trust. As a nation, as a Commonwealth of Nations, and in our own small way as members of our little community, town, county and country in that great Commonwealth, let us give thanks for all the best in our past, and pledge anew our loyalty and service in the future. Let this glad day be a day of colour, of song and dance: let the people sing, the children play, and old folk live again the joys of yore.


So may we celebrate, and all we do may worthy be.


C. Wilcock


Author: Wilcock, C.


Year = 1953

Month = June

Event = Historic

Extra = 1950s

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