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An Industrial and Pottery Walk round Buckley - Number 19"

Brookhill Pottery, Buckley


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Continue down the lane toward the over-grown railway crossing. The large area of ruins and piles of discarded bricks is the site of the Buckley Brick and Tile Works Ltd. Started by Staffordshire interests in the mid 19th century for the making of drainage pipes for schemes for the River Dee estuary, they were later taken over by the manager, a Mr Gibson. He began the manufacture of a large variety of special brickware for kilns, retorts and heavy industry. He named his products "Metalline". The works were taken over by the Castle Brick Company in the last century and later partially demolished in order to obtain the clay under the site.



Adjacent to the works are outlines of cuttings and embankments of the Buckley Railway. Finally uprooted in the 1970s, it decended from Buckley Mountain to Connah's Quay docks. Traces of the sidings can still be identified. They include a long ramp by which a horse tram conveyed bricks to the rail waggons.


(NB. Since this was written, the traces have gone completely.)


Crossing the line, a footpath continues to Liverpool Road opposite the Red Lion Public House. In a field adjacent to the path have been found numerous fragments of medieval pottery; field marks of past habitations have appeared after times of drought in this vacinity. Hummocks in this region are the remains of coal mines.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1967

Landscape = Industrial

Object = Visual Art

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Visual Arts

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