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An Industrial and Pottery Walk round Buckley - Number 18 (includes examples of pottery)"

Brookhill Pottery, Buckley


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Continue forward between this clayhole and the partially-filled clayhole on the right. Stop at a small croft, at the rear of which are demolished buildings on the right.


Here is a pottery site of great interest. It is not recorded on any old maps known to exist. Two distinct periods of making pots seem to have occurred: Pre-Civil War pottery, ie. before 1640, has been excavated at the lower site at the entrance gate. Many small kiln cirlces, part of the kiln with a fire grate and numberous buildings and structures have been exposed.


Post-medieval platters, tankards, ridge-tiles, cooking pots, jugs and unusually decorated sgraffito plates have been collected and deposited in the county archives. Early types of clay and tobacco pipes have also been collected.


Near the gate entrance, structures resembling a homestead and outbuildings have been traced.


Above the gate entrance are traces of post-Civil War pottery. Far higher quality pots were made here. New methods of production and improved kilns seem to have been used. Material deposited in the county archives include pressed goods with sophisticated decorations, pancheons, basins and drinking mugs. Clay tobacco pipes bearing makers' names which are dateable to the late 17th century have been found in quantity.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1967

Landscape = Industrial

Object = Visual Art

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Visual Arts

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