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An Industrial and Pottery Walk round Buckley - Number 17 (includes examples of pottery)"

Brookhill, Buckley


An extract from the BBC North East Wales Web site blog,

Fri Oct 3 07:56:03 2008

Maureen Raymond from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


I have recently become the owner of roof ridge tiles manufactured by the Buckley Brick and Tile Co., LTD. They had spent the last 122 years on my neighbor's roof. His house was built in 1885 as part of an Exposition to present the house of the future. We live adjacent to Audubon Park. The park was originally the Etienne de Bore plantation. de Bore figured out how to extract cane syrup from sugar cane. The whole plantation was the site of the Exposition and then became Audubon Park, named after the naturalist John James Audubon. It was fascinating to be able to learn about the Buckley area and to think of the tiles' trip from there to here so long ago.



Author: Raymond, Maureen


Year = 1967

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Visual Arts

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