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Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church Magazine - p.26 and 27"

Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church, Mold Road, Buckley

March 1927

These pages of adverts also appeared in the March 1928 issue of the magazine.

The Burkhill advert states:


BURKHILL'S for Stationery

Compendiums, Writing pads, and Envelopes at lowest prices. Paper Serviettes, D'Oyleys, Table and Tea Cloths

We also stock all the leading makes of Tobaccos and Cigarettes, Toffee and Chocolates.

Agents for "Chippendale Crystal" Glass (blown and cut)

The Cross, Buckley




Phone 34 Buckley.


51, Mold Road, BUCKLEY-THE PALACE Comfort

Established 1850 Good Music

------------------- Cream of Filmdom

For every description of Ironmongery,at popular prices,

Kitchen Ranges and Grates, Rustless4d,8d,11d

Boilers, Wire Nails, (round and oval)Get a monthly programme.

Staples, Wire Netting, Barbed and--------------------------------------

Fencing Wire, Roofing Felts, Damp

Course, Paints, Varnishes, Distempers, Temperance Billiard Hall.

Trellis, Lamps and Stoves of all kinds.9 full-sized Tables in

Gas, Petrol, and Petroleum Mantles.First-class condition.

-------------------Handicap Competitions

Lowest Prices - Give us a trial a feature. No job too large, or too small

Experienced and Skilled Workmen

Keenly Competative Prices

Give us a Trial


Cropper & Sons, Buckley



THOS. JONES,If you want value for

(Late Business of Mr T Roberts)your money, try



High-class General and Fancy Drapery, The Cross,

Ladies' Costumier, Gent's Bespoke BUCKLEY.

Ready-made Suitings and Overcoatings.

Noted for their

Wedding and Funeral Orders

promptly attended to.CHINA, GLASS, and

----------------------------------------------------- EARTHENWARE

Fern Leigh, Brunswick Road,

B U C K L E Y.-------------


Confectioner & Tobacconist.















Author: Bistre Emmanuel Church


Year = 1927

Month = March

Building = Commercial

Document = Journal

Work = Shops

Extra = 1920s

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