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Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church Magazine - p.25"

Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church, Mold Road, Buckley

March 1927

(Phil Jenkinson's father built the Berwyn Garage.)


Telephone: 22 BuckleyBLACK HORSE HOTEL

Telegrams: Jenkinson, Buckley.




Family and Commercial

Berwyn Garage,Hotel,


Buckley.Choice Selection of

-------------High- Class Wines & Spirits,

Motors, Laundaulettes,

Touring Cars,----------------

& Charabancs for Hire

--------------Walkers noted Warrington Ales.

Motor Tyres & Accessories-----------------

of all kinds supplied.Prop. R.A. SMITH





Telegrams: 'Ratcliffe, Buckley'DAVIES Brothers,

Phone: 14

Retail Grocers and

J. RATCLIFFE Provision Merchants

Game and Poultry The Cross, BUCKLEY,

Dealer,Nr. Chester,

(Wholesale and Retail)------------------

We pay special attention to

MILL LANE, BUCKLEY.Tea & Danish Bacon


Licensed Dealer in GameAll Teas are guaranteed pure, of

Also Dealer in New Laid Eggssuperior quality and delicious

and Butter flavour, and are blended to suit

the water of this district.

Wreaths & Crosses made to order




Author: Bistre Emmanuel Church


Year = 1927

Month = March

Building = Commercial

Document = Journal

Work = Shops

Extra = 1920s

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