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Buckley United Football Club"

Albion Public House, Mold Road, Buckley


This team knocked Wrexham out of the F.A. cup. The football field was opposite where the HSBC bank is today (2002).



FOOTBALL CLUBS IN BUCKLEY (Written January 2006)


In the late eighteen hundreds "The Engineers" were in existence and I have reliable information that they played their matches in Tabernacle Street on a field to the West of the Council School.


Following the Engineers, the original Buckley United played on a field in Bistre Avenue and used the Albion Public House for their changing rooms. Between the Wars they played off Brunswick Road, the entrance to which was by the old Midland Bank, and where Precinct Way is now. The "United" was probably the best team Buckley ever sported. In the early twenties the team was made up of Colliers and a Plumber. They were members of the Liverpool Zingari League and won the Welsh Amateur Cup on two occasions, and famously knocked Wrexham out of the English F .A. Cup, the score being 1-0. My Father used to say about them playing with their faces still black from working a shift at the Colliery. The Buckley Society archive was recently loaned a black and white striped shirt that United used to play in. The Ground boasted a brick built Grandstand, with changing rooms supplied with hot water from a coal fired boiler.


At the same time there were a lot of small clubs. To name some that come to mind:

The Congregational Church, whose fixtures were later taken over by Buckley Swifts. Played where Linthorpe is now.

Nant Mawr. Played behind Castle View, Nant Mawr.

The Square. Played behind the Old Square Post Office,

Buckley Victoria. Played at the Marley Field, off Padeswood Road, opposite the Nant Public house.

Buckley Amateurs. Played on Poverty field, on DuryLane, behind the Horse and Jockey Public House.

Burntwood. Played behind the Old Grandstand.

Burntwood and Drury. Played on Bank field, Bank Lane.

Castle Firebrick. Played on the right of the entrance to their Top Works.


More recently after the Second World War, we had Buckley Wanderers and Buckley Town. Both played at the old United ground. I think both teams folded through lack of support as travel became easier to the Big League Clubs in the nearby cities. Local coach firms ran buses to either Goodison or Anfield every weekend in the season. As a boy it was a rare treat to get the 10.40 Birkenhead bus, cross the Mersey on the Ferry and the Tram up to Goodison Park. Happy Days!!






Author: Fisher, Bill, 1922


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