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Field Service Post Card to Mrs J Hayes, 84, Chester Road, Buckley, Nr Chester, England."

19 May 1940

see 7.239 for Eric Hayes' memoir, "About me in a Nutshell", which describes his experiences as a prisoner of war in Poland.


Passed by Censor No. 1707




Nothing is to be written on this side except the date and signature of the sender. Sentences not required may be erased. If anything else is added the post card will be destroyed.


Postage must be prepaid on any letter or post card addressed to the sender of this card.


I am quite well


I have been admitted into hospital

sick } and am going on well

wounded} and hope to be discharged soon


I am being sent down to the base


{letter dated

I have received your {telegram



Letter follows at first opportunity


I have received no letter from you


{for a long time


Signature only Eric Hayes

Date 16.5.40



This was the last message I was able to send home before being captured on 20th May, 1940.


I was captured, with a lorry-load of French troops, at about 11.00pm. We were marched back to Doullens through the night. We then marched zigzag across the north of France and southern Belgium where we transferred to open trucks which took us near the German border to a place called St. Vith. Then we marched across the German border to Pronsfeld and were transported by cattle trucks for three days and nights across Germany and into Poland.

Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 1940

Month = May

Day = 19

Event = Historic

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Military

Extra = Military

Extra = WW2

Extra = 1940s

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