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Buckley Town Council Divine Service programme - p.2"

Drury Lane Methodist Church, Drury, Buckley

6 June 1982

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The Town Council


Town Mayor: Mrs Elizabeth M. Jones


Argoed Ward: Councillor J W Humphreys, Councillor K Lloyd, Councillor Mrs G M Robinson


Bistre East Ward: Councillor I McG McLean, Councillor L B Newton, Councillor W A Reeve


Bistre West Ward: Councillor D Messham, Councillor N Phillips, J.P., Councillor J Pritchard, J.P.


Ewloe Town Ward: Councillor Mrs A R Hughes, Councillor Arthur Jones, C.B.E., J.P., C.C., Councillor Mrs E M Jones


Ewloe Wood Ward: Councillor C C Hughes, Councillor J G Reynolds, Councillor I L Roberts, J.P.


Pentrobin Ward: Councillor M J Fox, Councillor J Leicester, Councillor T B Peacock


Town Clerk and Finance Officer: Mr J Eric Hayes



Author: Buckley Town Council


Year = 1982

Month = June

Day = 6

Building = Religious

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Work = Public Service

Extra = 1980s

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