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Buckley Town Council Divine Service programme - cover"

Drury Lane Methodist Church, Drury, Buckley

6 June 1982



The Buckley Town Council


Divine Service


Drury Lane Methodist Church Buckley

Sunday, 6th Juse, 1982

at 11-00 a.m.


The Town Mayor, Councillor Mrs E.M. Jones, and Members of the Buckley Town Council will be present at this service to ask Almighty God to bless their deliberations and to guide their actions during the coming year.


Service conducted by: Rev. Margaret C. Jackson


Organist: Mrs Doreen Griffiths




The congregation stands for the entry of the procession and the presentation of the standards.


Call to worship

Hymn: Ye servants of God

The Commandments of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Prayer of Confession

The Collect

Hymn: Spirit of wisdom, turn our eyes

Old Testament lesson: Isiah, chapter 42, verses 1 - 8

The Epistle: Philippians, chapter 2, verses 1 - 13 (read by Mrs Audrey Fitzpatrick,

Head Teacher, Drury C.P. School)

Hymn: Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire

The Gospel: St Matthew, chapter 20, verses 17 - 28 (read by Mrs Barry Jones)

The Sermon

Hymn: O Loving Lord, who art for ever seeking

Prayer of Thanksgiving

The Intersessions

The Lord's Prayer

The Offering

The Prayer of Dedication

Hymn: Now thank we all our God

The Blessing

The National Anthem

Author: Buckley Town Council


Year = 1982

Month = June

Day = 6

Building = Religious

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Work = Public Service

Extra = 1980s

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