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Hawkesbury Community Centre - Radio Programme: Broadcast Script"

Saint John's United Reformed Church Sunday School, Buckley


The broadcast for which the script was written for me was from the Congregational Sunday School (now demolished along with the church 12 .2005) on Hawkesbury Road. It was in the very early days of the formation of the Buckley Young People's Cultural Association. The arrangements were all by Mr Dennis Griffiths. I think that this formed a part of his fund raising efforts for the BYPCA in its infancy.


There are a couple of slight inaccuracies in the script.

On this page: It was before being taken P.O.W. that I started - not painting as such, but lettering and illuminating "in albums and books".

Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 1947

Building = Public

Event = Historic

Extra = 1940s

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