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Lane End Infants School"

Lane End Infants School, Chester Road, Buckley


Ennis Collins was born in Hawarden and moved to Buckley when she was ten. In 1933 she married Evan Griffiths, to whom she was married for 58 years. She gave up her job in the school to help with her husband's Buckley butcher's shop. The shop was in Mill Lane, where Chris, the Barber's shop is now (2005). Her husband worked in a butchers shop in Chester until after WWII and started the Buckley shop in the late 1940s.


In August 2005 she celebrated her one hundreth birthday in Bistre Nursing Home.


Some of this information was provided by Eric Hayes - ed.

Author: Anon


Year = 1930

Building = School

Event = Educational

Gender = Mixed

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