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Buckley Urban District Council Rent Book"

Buckley Town Council Offices, Mold Road, Buckley

20 December 1935





By the 2nd Geo., c.19, secs. 3,4,5, it is enacted "That any Tenant or Assistants removing Goods to prevent Distress shall pay the Landlord double the value of the Goods, if under the valuse of £50."


Complaint may be made to two Justices, who are empowered to enforce payment, or commit the offender or offenders to the House of Correction for six months.


Tenants must give notice according to the terms of their agreement - Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly, or pay the amount of such terms previous to removal.


The key to be delivered to the Landlord or his Agent before Twelve o'clock on the day of leaving.


All broken windows or other damages to be repaired or paid for before the key is received.

Author: Buckley Urban District Council


Year = 1935

Month = December

Day = 20

Building = Domestic

Work = Public Service

Extra = 1930s

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