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Buckley Urban District Council Rent Book"

Victoria Avenue, Buckley

20 December 1935



TENANT'S NAME William Jones

RESIDENCE 6, Victoria Avenue, Buckley

RENT 5/- (five shillings) plus 2/2 (two and tuppence) Rates

7/2 (seven and tuppence)

DATE OF ENTRANCE 20 December 1935


ADDRESS Buckley Urban District Council


Ralph Messham was rating officer from 1946 - 1963


The rent book records on a separate page the work carried on the property out by the council, viz:

" 1 louvre top"

"Dust hole"


William Jones was Mr Eric Hughes' father-in-law. In July 2002, Mr Hughes gave this rent book to the occupier of 6, Victoria Avenue who loaned it to the library for display for a year. Mr Hughes thought it should stay with the house.

Author: Buckley Urban District Council


Year = 1935

Month = December

Day = 20

Building = Domestic

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Public Service

Extra = 1930s

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