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June 2002

I remember when I began at the Hawarden County School (now Hawarden Grammar School) in 1929, Richardson's ran a school bus. The "School Run" began at Myrtle Road via the Cross, Church Road corner (where I boarded the bus), Liverpool Road Crossroads, near the Red Lion Liverpool Road, and then to Hawarden County School. The bus fare was 1/3d per week (seven and half pence in today's money). The bus also picked us up at 4pm to take us back home to Myrtle Road. Richardson's also ran a bus service from Deeside to Hawarden County School, running from Connah's Quay through Shotton and Queensferry etc.


Names of other pupils on the bus were: Muriel Edwards, Gwyneth Brown, Janet

Powell, Joan Peters, Bessie Thornton, Peggy Shone, Nora Hughes and Rene Williams to name but a few. Most of the boys went to school on their bikes or on foot down Wood Lane.


The firm were known as W. G. Richardson and Sons. They owned a row of cottages backing onto Dukesfield Footpath. These were occupied by their employees. Son Noel built himself a house on land adjoining the shop and son Sydney lived in the old family home opposite the shop. Richardson's was probably the first business premises to be lit by electricity from their own generator. The other such premises were the Palace and Tivoli cinemas.


Richardson's sold cases of cutlery, scissors, scales, small clocks and watches, glass and china ornaments. They also has two petrol pumps outside the shop. Harry Dolby worked as a garage mechanic. Mrs Eddie Dolby ran the shop and took coach bookings etc. The drivers were Joe Tarbuck and Jim Hughes.











Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918 - 2010


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