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Bistre Methodist Chapel"

Bistre Methodist Church, Spon Green, Buckley

April 2002



Thank you for joining us as we celebrate 150 years of Methodism here at Bistre. The Church came into existence in 1853, providing 'a place of worship in the populace' in a then entirely neglected district of Bistre. It was originally started in a house given by William Hughes, whose house adjoined the property. On his death in 1872 it was bequeathed to a new Trust, who soon set out to enlarge their chapel. The work was completed at the end of 1872 - there is a Plaque in the Sunday school to that effect. In 1877 it was realised the size of the Chapel was inadequate, particularly as the membership of the Sunday school was 160 scholars. Plans were made to purchase 4 adjoining cottages, a bakehouse, a stable and various other buildings, which had to be demolished to build the proposed Chapel. The work of building the 'New Chapel' was completed in that year - 1877. The music was provided by a harmonium until the pipe-organ was installed in 1913. After the First World War, the 'Broken Column' was erected in the grounds in remembrance of 14 members who sacrificed their lives. Over subsequent years, the Sunday School was extended by the addition of another cottage. The adjoining caretaker's cottage was gutted, rebuilt and equipped for the residence of a disabled person. The challenging project of creating a welcome entrance, instead of the very small porch was launched in 1997. After prolific fundraising and grants the dream was realised. It is here today we repeat our welcome to join us to give thanks to God for Bistre, which has stood for the work of God for 150 years.

Author: Hibbert, Kitty


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