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Alltami Bryn Methodist Church Ladies Group with three babies"

Bryn Methodist Church, Alltami, Buckley


Nora Hughes was a secondary school teacher at Saltney.


Anne Jones was the sister Mr John (Jack) Hughes.


Mrs Gwen (Gwennie) Hughes was the wife of Frank Hughes. He used to drive a sentinal steam lorry for Castle Fire Brick. He later drove a digger on Knowl Hill clay pit site and was single handedly responsible for the sad demise of the once and still famous Knowl Hill. Gwennie was organist at the Alltami Chapel for many years.


Mrs Emma Catherall was my father's sister. Here she is holding her son Donald, her only child.


Mrs Annie Blundell Shone, Keith Shone's mother, lived at Alltami farm. Her husband was Arthur Shone. Anyone who knows of Mr Ron Hayes, ex-butcher from Buckley, might be interested to learn that he was brought up by her all because he went there to

stay for a short while and that actually turned out to be for years as he enjoyed the farm so much.


Marion Brown was the wife of Mr Alyn Brown.



Author: Hughes, Harry


Year = 1939

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1930s

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