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Gamekeeper's dilemma!"




Land and pastures surrounding Buckley were often game preserves of local gentry. Local artisans enjoyed adventurous, nocturnal outings with dogs, nets and snares, as well as dodging gamekeepers. On one occasion, a group met up with a gamekeeper and after a tussle the gamekeeper snatched the poachers' hoard. Desperate for food, they tracked the gamekeeper through the thickets. Squatting behind a copse to relieve himself, he placed his satchel and game nearby. Taking advantage of the gamekeeper's dilemma, the mirthful poachers peppered him with shot and made off with their haul.


This was a tale I was told.





Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1900

Gender = Male

Landscape = Natural

People = Group

Work = Agricultural

Extra = Visual Arts

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