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Quoits at Burntwood"

Grandstand Public House, Burntwood, Buckley


see 1.322 for an account of the "Tram Door" drinking sessions





A quoit pitch existed near the "Tram Door", that is the Grandstand pub. Quoites was a very competitive game at the beginning of the century. A Buckley man is reputed to have been the national champion.


"Quiting" is the Buckley dialect term for quoiting.




Early this century, an old man told me, the game of quoits was played universally in this area, usually in the neighbourhood pub or club. Dennis Griffiths in "Talk of my Town" tells us that a Buckley man was the world champion quoit player. The gentleman took me to a small square of smooth grass adjacent to the Grandstand at Burntwood. Just protruding from the soil was the solitary iron peg over which the quoits were thrown. The second row is in the background. The door on the roadside of the Grandstand was known as the "Tram Door".


The Grandstand was replaced and the pub is now The Burntwood



Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1950

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Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

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