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Across the sands of the Dee"

River Dee, Connah's Quay




Here comes a spring high tide. The spring tides are the periods of tide which occur at fourteen day intervals of very high and very low tides. Twice a day the outgoing Dee meets the incoming tide in the narrow estuary between Flint and Connah's Quay. Twice monthly the moon's gravity gives rise to an enormous flood of sea water, rushing up to Chester. As river and sea clash, a fearsome wall of water thrusts its way to Chester weir. It is known as the Dee bore. An exhilarating experience is to meet the bore in a canoe and pray that one doesn't capsize.


"Oh, Mary, call the cattle home.

Oh, Mary, call the cattle home.

Oh, Mary, call the cattle home.

Across the sands of Dee."


The cattle were kept on the fore-shore which rose to pasture fields behind.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1970

Landscape = Marine

Extra = Animals

Extra = Visual Arts

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