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Ward's Drury Lane Brickworks"

Drury Brickworks, Drury, Buckley


The following notes try to clarify the various names given to this brickworks.


The Drury Brickworks has been variously named. Soon after being formed, it was called in 1867 "The Sandycroft Colliery and Brickworks." In 1873, S. P. Ward took over as manager, hence the name "Ward's Brickworks". It was then called "Sandycroft Colliery Brick Tile & Pottery Co." By 1913, under new ownership, it was called "Drury Lane Brick and Tile Co." In 1924, it was taken over by "Drury Brickworks Ltd." In the late 1940s it was taken over by the Shones. As it was latterly called "Drury Brickworks", this is the name we have used in this archive.

Author: Anon


Year = 1850

Building = Industrial

Gender = Male

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = Visual Arts

Extra = Pre 1900

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