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The dispute at Mount and Knowl Hill Brickworks"

Mount Brickworks, Buckley




Knowle Lane Brickworks (R. Ashton & Co.) and Hancock's Mount Brickworks had a large clayhole nearby. Knowle Lane is on the left, the Mount on the right. They were situated between the Horse and Jockey and The Glynne Arms. As both concerns expanded, their clay holes drew ever closer to each other, until finally, they were on the point of merging.


After much expensive litigation as to who owned the remaining band of clay, stalemate occured. A large column of clay rose high above the boundary and representatives and lawyers gathered round the summit on which the column stood. Deadlock was reached when a labourer approached and timidly asked to speak. "Please sir, may I suggest that you wait a little longer. The head will soon tumble and whose side it falls onto should have the clay". It fell on Hancock's Mount Works side, and soon after, he bought out the whole site.


Both clayholes, when abandoned, formed one huge pool, which lines the North side of Drury Lane.






see entry 1.119

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1910

Building = Industrial

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = Visual Arts

Extra = 1910s

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