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Membership card, Llong W.I."


13 September 1933



National Federation of Women's Institutes




Llong Institute


"For Home and Country"


"To unite in promoting any work which makes for the betterment of our homes, the advancement of our people and the good of our Country."


I, wishing to become a member of the Llong Women's Institute, in the County of Flint promise to pay to the Treasurer of the Institute the sum of Two Shillings yearly while I continue a member. I also promise to keep the Rules and Bye-laws of the Institute, and all Rules and Regulations made for Women's Institutes by the National Federation of Women's Institutes.



Member's name: Mrs Fisher

Date of joining: 13th Sept. 1933

Secretary of W.I.: M. Chilton

Address of County Secretary: Mrs Taylor

Nant Cottage, Rhydymwyn


Address of National Federation:

39, Eccleston Street, LONDON, S.W.1.


Spon Green Women's Institute folded after 18 years in December 2005 and members transferred to nearby goups.

Author: Anon


Year = 1933

Month = September

Day = 13

Extra = 1930s

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