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Saint Matthew's Parish Church, Church Road, Buckley


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17th August 1916


A SPECIAL SERVICE was conducted a St. Matthew's Church on Monday evening, by the Rev. Father Coman, chaplain to a battalion of the King's Royal Rifles, which has attracted many local lads to its colours during the last few weeks' fighting. Father Coman has been on active service for twelve months, and he has won the military medal. A large congregation gathered to hear him preach.


26th October 1916




St. Matthew's Church has now a complete set of the Allies' flags. The Rumanian flag and the Serbian Arms, to put on the Serbian flag, have been recently presented by a member of the congregation.


23rd November 1916


THE NATIONAL MISSION OF REPENTANCE AND HOPE was formally inaugurated on Tuesday evening at St. Matthew's Parish Church. The Bishop's messenger was the Rev. E. Pell Edmunds, M.A., rector of Whittington.




Author: Downey, James


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