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New bridge at Alltami"

Alltami Bridge, Old Lane, Alltami, Buckley


The house in the background is called Alltami Farm, which is where Mr Arthur Shone and his wife Annie, along with son, Keith and Ron Hayes, used to live.

We, my cousins and I, used to for a quick smoke under the bridge, instead of going to Sunday School. That's why there was a lot of unexplained absenteeism recorded on my attendance record.

The old, original stone bridge had a z bend in its contruction. This was later rectified on the demolition of the old railway bridge which crossed the Ewloe Green road because they used the steel span to make it straight. The wall on the right is the original wall.

Author: Hughes, Harry


Year = 1967

Building = Agricultural

Gender = Male

Landscape = Urban

People = Single

Extra = 1960s

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