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Jubilee taken at Alltami Bryn Methodist Church"

Bryn Methodist Church, Alltami, Buckley

July 1956

Mr Ralph Catherall was a foreman at Castle Fire Brick who had a reputation as a part-time barber. Believe you me, he wasn't! He used to hack at your hair with a pair of clippers which I think he made up from spare parts! The cutting blades didn't seem to work in unison. One day, he was operating on me when I thought, "I've had enough of this." So I left him and ran home with only half a hair cut. When I got home, I had a good hiding off my dad who had to complete the job with of pair of scissors. I was about eight at the time and can remember it vividly to this day.

Author: Hughes, Harry


Year = 1956

Month = July

Event = Religious

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

People = Group

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1950s

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