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The Tavern, Alltami"

Cross, Alltami, Buckley


The junction on the A494 by the Tavern is very busy and dangerous. Buckley Town Council had been trying to reduce the speed limit to 30 miles per hour from 60 but the application had been turned down by the National Assembly's Transport Directive in August 2002. However, The Council partially succeeded in mid 2003 when the Assembly agreed to reduce it to 40 miles per hour. The police and the community of Alltami were in favour of the reduction. Twenty six people live in the properties along the road and many more visit the Tavern pub and the church.


In December 2005, the Tavern was renamed "The Goldmine" by new proprietors, Sharon Riley and Bill Jones. They decided to make the pub non-smoking, which had received a positive response. When these proprietors left, the pub was renamed The Tavern.


In May 2006, a public consultation began on two alternative routes for the Alltami bypass. The proposals would link in with the alterations planned for the A494 from Queensferry to Ewloe. One proposal was to route the new road along the existing road, resulting in the demolition of at least one house. The other was to route it through the Alltami Farm property. The farm had 24 acres with 18 of flat grazing and three of beech woodland and the proposal would slice through every one of the fields. It also affected other properties, such as Littlewood Farm (80 acres), whose owners had farmed for five generations, 170 years.


The proposals were on display at Saint David's Park Hotel from 22nd to 25th May. The consultation period was from 16th May to 11th July 2006, during which time a petition was launched against it.



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