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Mold Road, Buckley

July 1968

During the years of 1962 - 64 I attended dances at the Albert Hall in Buckley with my friends Kath and Kathleen. We danced to local "groups" and also groups came from Liverpool. This was the beginning of the "Beatles" era, with many Liverpool groups becoming famous, but as far as I am aware the groups which visited the Albert Hall remained quietly anonymous. We caught the Crosville bus in Ewloe, the F10 or F11 - Woodside to Pantymwyn or Llanferres, and returned home by the same means. No alcohol was served at the dances. The girls used to sit down one side of the room and the boys would sit or stand down the other. The dance crazes ranged from the Jive, through the Shake, the Twist and steps devised to the tune "Just a-walking the dog." I can remember, during the early 1960's, the first time I saw Chubby Checker, on the black and white television, singing "Let's Twist Again" and how enthralled I was with this song and new dance, which became a craze. It should have been called "the stitch" as that is what you got when you started doing the twisting movements of the hips.

Author: Wright, Thelma


Year = 1968

Month = July

Event = Religious

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

People = Crowd

Extra = 1960s

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