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Alltami Chapel Group for Jubilee"

July 1955

Frank Hughes used to drive one of the steam driven Sentinel lorries for the Castle Fire Brick Company Ltd. In his youth he was a good football player. I went with him once on the sentinel steam lorry to Chirk. It had a trailer on the back, loaded with bricks for delivery. I remember him stopping the machine alongside a stream on the Chirk road to replenish the water for the boiler. And off we went, chugg, chugg, chugg!!!

Arthur Shone used to farm at Alltami Farm.


My father Jack and his brother Frank Hughes, when they were lads, used to play a trick on the poor unsuspecting occupants of the small bungalow in the dip by the Alltami traffic lights. When they noticed smoke coming from the chimney, they used to climb up the roof via the wall and place on the chimney pot a clod of earth, which had the desired effect of smoking 'em out! They became known as Mr and Mrs Kipper!

Author: Hughes, Harry


Year = 1955

Month = July

Event = Religious

Gender = Male

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