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Saint Matthew's Junior School due for demolition"

Saint Matthew's School, Church Road, Buckley


The school was first established in 1818, with a separate school for boys and girls. It was situated on the south side of Church Road adjoining the Vicarage - now demolished and the site of a modern housing development. It was moved to the site adjoining the Church in 1949.


In May 1906, a two-day bazaar was held at the school to pay off the debt of £200 owed by the School Building Fund. The four schools were attended by a total of 750 pupils.


There was a debate in the council chamber over the teaching of religion in Buckley's schools. Only the parents of 25 children elected to have their off-spring taught "simple religion".


Author: Fisher, Bill, 1922


Year = 1963

Building = School

Landscape = Urban

Extra = 1960s

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