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August 1952






General Drapery and Furnishing, Ladies' and Children's Outfitting

Men's Outfitting and Tailoring

Specialists in Boys' Ready - to - Wear School Clothing

T.G. Burrell Ltd., Foreagte Street, Chester

Tel: 3754 Established 1877




Logical minds know how to marshal their facts and examine them, how to arrive at sane conclusion.

Through that same logical process of reasoning wise people select the Co-operative Society when they require Good Quality Bread and Confectionery.

Dividend on Control Prices proves beyond doubt that you do save as you spend.

Brunswick Road, Buckley




We invite all men interested in good clothes at reasonable prices to call and see the fine selection of clothing in our stock. Ask to see

"Aqualite" Raincoats. Proofed by a scientific process.

"Wayfarer" Raincoats. Known throughout the country. An "Aqualite" Production

"Number One" Sportswear. It is easy to be smart if you are wearing these Sports Jackets and Trousers

Suits to Measure. A smart selection of cloths which tailor really well. We will make you a suit to fit you comfortably in any style you choose.

Lane End, Buckley, and Manchester House, Mold

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Year = 1952

Month = August

Building = Commercial

Document = Journal

Work = Shops

Extra = 1950s

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