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Rockingham teapot "


N.B. This teapot was not made in a Buckley Pottery, per Martin Harrison, 2008. It is a mass-produced teapot NOT from Buckley - ed.


This belonged to John (1849 - 1927) and Mary Jones of Brook Cottage, Ewloe Green. It was always known in their family as "Granny Jones' Buckley teapot" and no-one was allowed to touch it. It was only used for funerals when the best china came out. It was kept in the glass cabinet.


The teapot was bought from Jones and Gerrard's Ewloe Green Pottery. The family lived in a house very near the pottery and "Granny Jones" would have spotted any special pottery pieces.


An invoice from the pottery, dated June 1896, mentions they manufacture Rockingham teapots in black and brown. Is this a Rockingham teapot?


INVOICE TEXT (Original is in the Flintshire Record Office):


Ewloe Green Potteries

("near Mold" is crossed out and "via Chester" substituted)

June 18 (ie. 1918)

Mrs Williams, Conway

Bought of Jones and Gerrard

Manufacturers of Rockingham Teapots

Black, Brown, and Yellow glazed

Earthenware, Garden Pots

Telegrams and Money Orders to Buckley


The invoice is reproduced in:

"Ewloe Green Presbyterian Church"

by Edna Jones-Cocking


see entry 3.43 for a photo of the other side of this teapot

Author: Cocking, Edna


Year = 1895

Building = Industrial

Object = Visual Art

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Visual Arts

Extra = Pre 1900

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