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Playtime at Saint Matthew's Junior School"

Saint Matthew's School, Church Road, Buckley



Sang in St. Matthew's School in the 1940s. The kids used to chant the ditty in May in the playground.

On Oak Apple Day, we used to play house in the roots of the oak trees in the school grounds and dance around the oak trees holding hands. We used to fill old salmon tins with stones and pretend they were potatoes. We had a nice slide delivered and installed, which we all enjoyed. I was in the school form 1935 til 1941.





"Oak Ball day

29th May

If you don't give us a holiday

We'll all run away


Where will we run to?

Down Meg's Lane.

Who will we meet

But the teacher with the cane."



Wikipedia has an article on Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day. It was a formal public holiday celebrated in the country on 29th May to commemorate the restoration of the monarchy in May 1660; the public holiday was abolished formally in 1859.



Author: Griffiths, Rosemary


Year = 1970

Building = School

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

People = Group

Extra = 1970s

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