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Mold Road, Buckley

11 July 2000

Taken near the Square in Mold Road. The building in the background used to be "The Beehive" grocery shop, run by Charlie and his sister Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth was a schoolteacher. She died during the past few years. The business ended about 1998. They used to sell everything, with brushes and all sorts on display outside the shop. The shop was open a lot of hours, in order to be open for his customers before they caught the bus to Summer's and Vickers Armstrong (now British Aerospace at Broughton) and afterwards. He used to deliver on his bike, with his carrier on the front like a whicker basket and wearing a brown smock. He was very popular - a real gentleman. He delivered in the immediate locality. This was in the early fifties.

Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 2000

Month = July

Day = 11

Event = Religious

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

People = Crowd

Extra = 2000s

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