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Samuel Iball, 1897 - 1992"

Allt Goch, Flint

16 April 1992

I well remember Mr. Iball from my early days at Flint library. I was assistant librarian at Flint Library from 1970 to the year I retired in 1996.

He was an avid library user and a true commmunity person who took

a great deal of interest in local history and had a lot of knowledge.

He had exhibitions of his work at the library as he was a very skilful potter. When we married in 1973, he made us a lovely little pot as a present. This was a typical Buckley pot in a kind of reddish clay. Unfortunately over the years this has been broken. I was very fond of Mr. Iball and his daughter, Winnie Jones and her daughter, Desnee.

Author: Watts, Carolyn


Year = 1992

Month = April

Day = 16

Building = Domestic

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = 1990s

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