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Beating the Bounds"

Bull's Foot, Knowl Hill, Buckley


Charles Robins was sworn in as manor bailiff 26th October 1875. He was sworn in every year until 1924 when his son, Henry, took over. On 25th October 1921, Charles also becomes a juror and steward of the Court leet. He was paid 2s 10d per day for 6 days a week (1880 - 1890). In 1898 the boundary was walked by amongst others Daniel Hughes, Thomas lamb and Charles, all of Alltami together with boys one of whom was Benjamin Robins, son of Charles. Purpose of the walk was to put in new boundary stones for the bailiff.


Author: Edwards, Jan


Year = 1785

Event = Social/Entertainment

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

People = Group

Extra = Visual Arts

Extra = Pre 1900

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