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Hillside Farm and Fisher's Row"

Hillside Farm, Padeswood Road, Buckley


Hillside Farm (demolished c.1962) and Fisher's Row, off Padeswood Road, opposite Nant Mawr.


Hillside House was built by Mr Noble in 1906, and he failed to reinstate the road after installing a water pipe to the property, thereby getting into trouble with the authorities. He was the manager of the South Buckley Brickworks, which closed c.1914.


Dr. David Fraser, the BUDC medical officer of health, lived there afterwards until the late 1930s. He had three daughters: Beryl, Audrey and Vivien. After him, Mr Evans, a gold prospector from Mexico, lived there. He had two daughters: Maureen and Lola. Maureen became a doctor.


Hillside Farm was originally called Fields Farm.


In 1962, the farm was sold to Buckley Urban District Council for housing. Morris and Jones were the builders who developed the land. Houses now cover the land from Padeswood Road to Meg's Lane. I moved to Bistre Farm, Padeswood Road South in 1962, the entrance to which is opposite the old Bucket Row.


The farm at Fisher Row belonged to my family, the Fishers, from the 1800s, the family owning all the land from Padeswood Road, Meg's Lane, Brunswick Road. They also owned butchers' shops. They were very prosperous in those days. My great grandfather had two sons who squandered all the money. Then, my father bought part of the Fisher's Row back in 1916, to start again. I had a sister, Nora, who was born in 1912. He had a family to support, as there were three of us altogether. My brother was born in 1926. I was born in 1922. My father established the milk round in 1916. I used to carry tins of milk and deliver them on my way to school and the round grew from there.


I enjoyed working on the farm. It was a good move to Bistre Farm. My wife and I had milk rounds we did from there, covering all of Buckley. My son, William James Fisher, is now farming at Bistre. There is no longer a milk business. He has a herd of about 90 beef cattle.


The land for the line of the Chester to Mold Railway where it passed through Bistre Farm was purchased in 1842.

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Author: Fisher, Bill, 1922


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