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Chester Road, Buckley

July 1960

The houses to the left of the Pied Bull (in Brook Street) were demolished around 1970 and the Prince of Wales Court was built in their place.


From the Shamrock/Pied Bull left towards Brook Street, the properties in the 1950s were:-

No. 52 House and shop of Misses Emily & Mercy Davies. They had a little business selling paraffin, paints, small hardware and toys. There was a small yard in front of the


No. 54 - tenanted house (one of Neville Dunn's "Haunted Houses")

No. 56 - Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, house & haberdashery shop up 3 steps. He was an ex-postman.

No. 58 - Major Gibson's home (light facade in photo and steps down from pavement)

No. 60 - Bill Stevenson's cycle shop (Mr. Hunt's pharmacy when I was a lad) also up steps

Nos. 62 and 64 - houses with deep front gardens (not in photo)

No. 66 - Misses Florence & Belle Lindop (side view), abutting

No. 68 -James Rogers' (formerly Alfred Everall) grocery shop

Tom Dawson built his butcher's shop and another small shop on the sight of a demolished thatched cottage; then we have the former entrance to the cricket ground and Brook Street. The entrance lane to the cricket ground also gave access to three cottages which formed part of, and were demolished with, the Feathers Inn. Mr. Tom Lindop also had a joiner's workshop on this lane which terminated at the long disused abattoir of Mr. John Rogers, former butcher of Chester Road (now Gem Discounts).

Mr. James Rogers' shop, like most other privately owned grocers' shops, was double-fronted with an aisle between two counters leading to stairs up to storage space (in some cases living accommodation). One counter was for "dry" goods (tea, sugar, tins etc.) and the other for bacon, butter and "perishables". The larger grocery shops were the "Co-ops" in Brunswick Road (with drapery), Ewloe Place, Drury, and for a short while Padeswood Road, with "multiples" Hunter's, Bell's and Melia's in Lane End.



Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918 - 2010


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