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Sam Iball at work"

Allt Goch, Flint

16 April 1992

I met Sam Iball (1897 - 1992) in 1972 at the Flint and District Art Society. He was the President of the Flint Horticultural Society. He was born in Buckley and moved to Flint. He was a builder and worked for Flint Town Council.

I learned a lot from him about his life in Buckley, the history of Buckley pottery and his experiences in the first world war.


See my article in the Buckley Society Magazine: Vol. 17; pp. 49 - 62.

Author: Chesters, Joe


Year = 1992

Month = April

Day = 16

Building = Other

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Light Industry

Extra = 1990s

Extra = Visual Arts

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