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Brookhill Brickworks painted on pebble"

Buckley Brick and Tile Company, Brookhill, Buckley


The former clayholes in Buckley have been used for various purposes. The Trap Pool is used and maintained by the Fishing Club and is an attractive spot.

The Mountain Pool on the Higher Common is a recreational spot for families, fishermen and dog walkers as well as home to several species of water birds, such as

mallard and canada goose.

The former rubbish tip at Etna had now been incorporated into the heritage area for development as a leisure and nature area.

The Brookhill site is developing nicely at the time of writing (August 2002) into a new "Knowl Hill", a pile of rubbish which graces the Buckley skyline and fosters nasty niffs and swarms of flies. A continuous drainage of water off the site is in operation from the end of the Pinfold Industrial Estate. It is being built up to collapse when the tip is full when it will finally be capped with soil and turned into a nature area. The locals can't wait! The Standard site is also being used for landfill and ruins what is otherwise one of the best views in Buckley.


Each household in Flintshire currently generates 1.38 tons of waste annually, most of which ends up in landfills like Brookhill. Next year this figure will probably be higher and the aim is to reduce the amount tipped, through re-cycling schemes.

Author: Shone, Carol


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