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Catherall's 'Trap' Brickworks, Buckley"

Trap Brickworks, Buckley


Catherall's Trap Brickworks


Originally established by Catherall and others early in 18th century. Later taken over by Messers J. Summers on Monady 11th May 1936, then "Butterley Brick Company". Known colloquially as "The Trap Works". Closed and demolished in the 1980's.

Established as an industrial estate, it is now a hive of small businesses. The clay pit and pool have now been completely filled in.

A seam of clay was used to produce a hard brick known as "metalline" at the adjacent Brookhill Works.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1970

Building = Industrial

Gender = Male

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = Architecture

Extra = 1970s

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