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Knowle Lane Brickworks, also known as Prince's"

Knowle Lane Brickworks, Buckley


from "An Industrial and Pottery Walk round Buckley", which is in the library.


The brickworks were situated near the Horse and Jockey pub.



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1794 Built by William Leach, nephew of Thomas Jones of Farm Stile, Liverpool Road, on land owned by Thomas and given to William. William took out a mortgage with the brickworks and fields as security.

1814 The land in use was; Church Road, Knowle Lane, Mount Pleasant Farm and North to Hayes' Pottery. In a survey, it was stated that the brickworks were owned by Messrs Jones.

1815 A survey shows the land was leased to William Jones

1817 Leach transferred the works to his son, Samuel and to Frances Edward Barker

1827 Barker died

1833 Samuel died, leaving all to his nephew, William Leach

1840 William Leach Senior died. Mortgage held by William Junior proved too much. He sold to Richard Ashton of Liverpool

1856 Reference in Slater's Directory - Edward Parry was manager.

1862 " - "Firebrick and Tile works, Buckley, Nr. Mold. Firebricks;Tiles; Chimney pots; Articles for gas and smelting works."

1867 Leach died. His widow leased the land to Frederick Prince of Buckley and his brother, Richard Herbert Prince of Liverpool

1890 The Princes took a 25 year lease from Popplewell Royle on Etna Brickworks,

1894 R.H. Prince died.

1900 Isobel Prince died. No longer profitable. Land, works and lease to George Watkinson

1902 Most of land and property sold to William Hancock. Work here had been continuous from 1794 until 1902. Prince's chimney was blasted 1st July 1902. It was 50 years old and 35 yards high.


A siding was established here for goods traffic in the district. A spur continued to the Mountain Colliery. A small spur went down to Lane End Colliery.


Author: Bentley, James


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