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Etna Brickworks: Davison's top yard"

Etna Brickworks, Buckley




Etna Brickworks, Buckley


Established on clay-rich land adjoining the Buckley Railway part of an earlier Mount Pleasant Farm, owned by William Leach. Land transfers involved William Jones (1815), Samuel Jones and Frances Edward Barker until 1833. Then William Leach junior 1840. Sold to R. Ashton, the works land later leased to Fred K. Prince and Richard Herbert Prince for 25 years (1890). They took a lease from Popplewell Royle in 1890.

1902. No longer profitable. Works and lease to George Watkinson

Most of land and property sold to William Hancock.

Later owned and worked by Davison's.

Site incorporated into the Old Ewloe Works. Both of them were linked to the Ashton tramway.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1900

Building = Industrial

Landscape = Industrial

Transport = Rail

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = Architecture

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Extra = 1900s

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