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Bistre Church in Jubilee procession"

Mill Lane, Buckley

July 1965

Taken from the Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church magazine




Once more the much loved Jubilee day is over, and what a day we had this year - the wettest ever - but the procession was as long if not longer than usual. I was sorry it had to disperse by Bistre Church due to the torrential rain. One thing touched me very much: in front of the procession of witnesses a young man carried the cross. Did he seek shelter from the rain? No! He and few others marched on through the streets of Buckley until they had reached the end of their journey. Two thousand years ago another young man carried the Cross of Jesus then through the heat of the day. Thank God we have a "Simon of Cyrene" today! There will always be a "Simon of Cyrene".


Author: Bistre Emmanuel Church


Year = 1965

Month = July

Event = Religious

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

People = Crowd

Extra = 1960s

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