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In early 2008, North Wales Police announced the possible closure of the Buckley Police Station to save money. Councillor Carol Ellis launched a petition whcih colected over 800 signatures in a few days. It was announced in March 2008 that the counter service would probably continue with a possible reduction in hours. The town council was to request an urgent meeting with senior police officers to voice their concerns.


On 14th January 2013, the police front desk was closed as a cost saving measure by the North Wales Police. The town council had formally complained at the end of 2012 of the lack of notice given. In a letter to the Chief Constable it was stated: "People in Buckley have seen a significant rise in their contribution to the North Wales Police precept for 2012/13 yet are receiving a significantly diminished service." North Wales Police had stated that the number of officers working in the town had not been reduced. The phone number and email of each member of the neighbourhood policing team was to be displayed on the force's web site. In addition it intended to hold surgeries on a fortnightly basis at stations where there is no front desk service. The Flintshire Connects initiative, in which the County Council was investing, may result in the return of the service. The results of footfall study in March 2012 showed that Buckley station had among the fewest visitors in the county.

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