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Official Notifications to Wilfred Owens' Family after his Death"

16 September 1918

The following five documents were received by Wilfred Owens' family after his death on 6th September 1918.

1. Notification of death dated 16.9.1918

2. Note on War Gratuities - undated

3. Note on Deceased Private Property - undated

4. Authorisation of Pension details - undated but due March 18th 1919

5. Effects Form dated 16th December 1919




Army form B. 104 - 82

Record Office - 16.9.1918


It is my painful duty to inform you that a report has been received from the War Office notifying the death of:

No. 34718 Rank. Private

Name. Wilfred Owens

Regiment. 7th Border Regt.

which occured in France on the 4th Sept. 1918.

The report is to the effect that he died of wounds (gunshot abdomen).


By His Majesty's command I am to forward the enclosed message of sympathy from Their Gracious Majesties the King and Queen. I am at the same time to express the regret of the Army Council at the soldier's death in his Country's service.


I am to add that any information that may be received as to the soldier's burial will be communicated to you in due course. A separate leaflet dealing with this subject is enclosed.

I am


Your obedient Servant

W. Russell, Capt.

Officer in charge of Records.






War Gratuity to the Troops

Owing to the magnitude of the work to be done in connection therewith the distribution of the Gratuity to legatees and next of kin of deceased soldiers will of necessity take a considerable time. Cases will as far as possible be taken in order of date of death, and those concerned will be communicated with in due course.




E.F. No. 146

If any articles of private property belong to the deceased have been recovered they will have been sent to the Officer in charge of Infantry records No. 1 Fulwood Barracks, Preston who has been authorised to send you any articles that may be forthcoming. If you do not receive any communication from that Officer it must be assumed that no articles have been recovered.




I.O. (W) 73

Ministry of Pensions,

Pension Issue Office,

Widows & Dependants Division,

161, Gt. Portland Street,

London W.1.

Reference no. ????2598


Payment of your pension Weekly in Advance from the 18.3.19 @ 12/6 has been authorised to the made at the Post Office named by you. A war bonus of 20% has been added, making our total weekly payment fifteen shgs. (15/-) This addition is temporary having been granted in view of the increase in the cost of living, and is subject to reduction if prices fall. In any case it will remain in force till the 30th June 1919.

A Certificate of Identity is enclosed, on which full instructions are given as to how you will obtain payment.

A Life Certificate will be required from you each quarter, and a form for the purpose will be handed to you by the Postmaster at the proper time, without the necessity of any application on your part. As soon as it is received the Life Certificate should be properly completed and returned to The Superintendent, Pension Issue Office, 161, Gt. Portland Street, London W.1. in order that further issues of your pension may be authorised.

I am, your obedient Servant. H.W.Young. for Superindendent

Mrs. M. Owens.



Effects Form - No. 45 (W.G.)

War Office,

Imperial Institute,

South Kensington,

London S.W.7.

Any further communication on this

Subject should be addressed to-

The Secretary, War Office,

Imperial Institute, South Kensington,

London S.W.7.

And the following number quoted

E/ 656490/2 (Accts.4.)

16th December 1919

Sir, I am directed to acquaint you that the sum of six pounds, ten shillings, is due from Army Funds to the estate of the late No.34718 Pte. Wilfred Owens, 7th Bn. Border Regt. On account of War Gratuity. The Command Paymaster Eastern Command, Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London S.W.7. is accordingly being authorized to issue to you the above amount.

Should no communication on this subject be received from the Paymaster within the next few days, application for payment should be made to him by letter.

I am Sir Your obedient servant, C. Harris, Assistant Financial Secretary

Mr. W. Owens.




Author: Army Record Office and others


Year = 1918

Month = September

Day = 16

Document = Letter

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